DrLocker, just like the name - Doctor Locker, is a trustworthy specialist in locker systems and security cabinets.

Established in 2003, DrLocker is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of locker systems in Malaysia, carrying the most innovative lockers and locker accessories in the world, including but not limited to ABS Lockers (also known as Plastic Locker in Malaysia), Electronic Lockers, Parcel Lockers, and Metal Lockers.

DrLocker is well known in the market for its high quality products, extensive product range and good value services. Our lockers like ABS Lockers and Electronic Lockers are of the latest styles with wide range of colours. All lockers are made with strong and durable materials, suitable for any business or application that requires optimum security for valuables and personal belongings. In addition, we can customise the locker system design to fulfil specific requirements, application and/or environmental condition.

With DrLocker, you can expect easy to use, secure, stylish locker storage systems and most importantly in-time support service.

DrLocker, Specialist in Locker Systems - ABS Lockers, Electronic Lockers & more!

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