Our Company

Established in 2003, DrLocker is now a leading brand name within the industry of Locker Systems, owned by Focus Action Sdn Bhd. DrLocker, also known as Doctor Locker, is at the forefront of locker market trends, carrying a wide range of innovative and stylish locker systems, and locker accessories, backed by a full range of after-sales service.

Our primary product – ABS Locker, is customisable coin-operated locker, key locker, keyless locker, latch locker and coin return locker. Moreover, we also provide electronic lockers, metal lockers, and numerous accessories. Our lockers are relevant and used for a variety of applications such as theme parks, shopping malls, sports complexes, education facilities, health sectors, factories and other public access areas.

In recent years, we are offering our clients from small, medium to large businesses a cost-effective alternative to test and acquire our products with low initial cost and, which we now offers the following services below (click HERE for more info):

  • Locker Rental
  • Locker Revenue Sharing

Our Locker Rental service allows for renting or leasing our Locker Systems, fixed term of rental payments as well as maintenance service and other benefits; whereas for Locker Revenue Sharing, we provide you the locker system at no charge and DrLocker will manage every aspect of the system and have you focus on your core business and share on the revenue earned.

Our Commitment

It is our commitment to provide both security and convenience to our clients.

From outright product range to responsive services, we have a variety of business arrangements that will be relevant and rewarding to your business and industry. We look forward to exploring possibilities of locker system being an essential part of your organisation.

Our Team

Our head office is located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, with 3 support offices located at Penang, Johor and Kuantan. Our team consists of:

  • Technical Support
  • Computer Engineering
  • Associated Partners

Dr Locker – Provide Low/No Cost, Exclusive Locker Systems & for Rent and Revenue Sharing