We encourage more on collaboration – instead of the traditional off-the-shelf selling – by offering our clients cost-effective alternatives to test and acquire our products with low initial cost.


Be it short term or long term rental, the Revenue Share Locker System scheme is the most preferred option as it requires zero cost from you! With the Revenue Share scheme, our locker system will be installed free-of-charge and we only share the revenue to provide on-going product support to you at no cost.

The benefits

  • Mutually agreed revenue share ratio
  • No initial cost for delivery and installation
  • No cost for telephone support
  • No cost for on-site training
  • No service and maintenance costs
  • Hassle-free locker management

You can pick from our entire product range including Electronic Lockers, ABS Lockers, Plastic Lockers or Metal Lockers. Alternatively, you can get us to advise you on the type of lockers that would best fit your requirements.



Why Rent?

In recent years, product rental has become a major part of product acquisitions in all industries,such as educational institutions, offices, factories, commercial events and so on. In fact, rental is more cost effective than owning the products while giving more flexibility and less hassle in your business. In view of this trend, DrLocker offers short-term and long-term Locker Rental Service for our locker system and locker accessories.

No big cash outlay

Locker rental can help alleviate heavy one-off payments and offer you the opportunity to test and acquire our locker system and locker accessories with maximal cash reserves. All it takes is just a low start-up investment, and you can have our locker system installed at your location.

Service guarantee

If it breaks, we can fix it! DrLocker offers product maintenance at no cost with a small amount of chargeable service fees, therefore you be relieved from the hassle of managing and maintaining the lockers.

Flexibility to purchase at any time

You can request to purchase the rented lockers under locker rental service at any time, and we would be glad to offer the best price for you.


Besides the schemes above, we are open to any other collaboration method that you might want to suggest to us. Feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.